Deals on Wheels is an established car
rental company located in South Corfu.

We are two independent family owned
businesses united to offer you the ultimate Corfu experience.

Our experience since 1979 aims to offer
visitors safe and reliable cars and guarantee a quick and easy rental

The tour guide will show you the best
places to visit in south Corfu depending on your needs with easy Google Maps

Our aim is to satisfy the requests of the
customers providing services with quality, reliability, and innovation.

We provide a wide range of vehicles ideal
to Corfu’s road network and tailored to your needs.



1. It’s easy! You can start your rental directly from the airport, the ferry port, or your hotel.

2. To get to some places on the island, you just need your own car. Many interesting parts of Corfu, are away from ordinary bus routes. Little romantic restaurants, quiet beaches, and unique spots for photos are only some of them. You came so far….why not see everything?

3. Be independent and flexible. Wouldn’t it be great to have your own car at the hotels parking ? Just imagine. Discover the island your own way. Find your own favourite spots, and enjoy them for as long as you like..

4. There is a car for everyone. ! Either you travel as a couple, family, group of friends, or solo, there is always a car to fit your needs.

5. You actually save money! Car rental in Corfu, is not only the best solution, for your daily routes, but it’s also very economical. Even compared to public transportation!